Welcome to the New Year! Making healthy eating choices when you have IC can be tough. Sometimes you may feel like you only ever eat the same thing… but make it a point to try something new this year! Consult our recipes here on this blog, check out the 2012 IC Diet Food List and pick something new to try… The following is meant as general nutrition tips, but you can still adapt them to your own IC diet by picking foods that work for you.

Here are the Top Nutrition Tips for 2013 according to registered dietitians from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

*Eat Breakfast – One of the most unhealthy habits is skipping the first meal of the day resulting in overeating later and a lack of fiber vitamins and minerals. Aim for lean protein and fiber options like oatmeal with nuts or Greek yogurt with berries.

*Make half your plate veggies and fruit – A rainbow of colors pleases the palate provides essential nutrients and keeps you full. Vitamin C, lycopene, fiber and folate are just a few.

*Watch your portions – Ever use a measuring cup to see how many servings you’re actually eating? It’s an eye-opener. Using smaller plates bowls and cups is another trick.

*Healthier snacks – Make your snacks count to maintain energy levels and prevent overeating at meals. Pair lean proteins and high fiber carbs: nuts with fruit or cheese and whole wheat crackers or homemade smoothies.

*Plan to cook more meals at home – It’s cheaper healthier and promotes family time. See the Academy’s How do I…videos for cooking tips at eatright.org/howdoi.

*Drink water – Staying hydrated keeps you alert full and functioning optimally. Opt for water over sugary drinks. It’s the natural zero calorie beverage.

*Consult a registered dietitian – Whether you want to lose weight, lower cholesterol, manage diabetes or just eat better, consult the experts. Registered dietitians are uniquely qualified to provide accurate easy-to-understand nutrition advice for a wide variety of health issues.

And ring in the New Year with a healthier outlook on eating.