15 Tips for a Healthy Weight

October 14, 2015

image1 – PROTEIN TO START THE DAY: 2 eggs, a Greek yogurt or a handful of nuts keeps you full reducing cravings and unhealthy snacking the rest of the day

2 – FOCUS ON CAN, NOT CAN’T: Psychologically, eating more veggies and fruits is more ​empowering than restricting junk food and may help you avoid it

3 – SELF TALK: A conversation about how hungry you are and asking yourself what is motivating the snacking, will help to break the mindless eating habit

4 – KEEP TRACK: An app or on paper, this strategy of making yourself accountable for eating, activity and a regular weigh-in keeps the focus on long-term results not daily ups & downs

5 – LEAVE A QUARTER: Practice leaving a quarter of your normal serving on smaller plates. Most will be satisfied eating less. If it’s genuine hunger, the few leftovers will be filling, and 15 minutes of distracting, non-food activities will take care of persistent cravings

6 – SIT DOWN: Avoid on-the-go eating. Taking your time, paying attention to what you are eating and even socializing, will help you to eat less and avoid tempting snacks later

7 – EAT VEGGIES FIRST: A cup or more of vegetables at every meal not only is more filling, but is key to eating fewer calories while packing in fiber and essential nutrients

8 – SLEEP: Losing just 30 minutes of sleep weeknights, can result in long-term weight gain. Try going to bed early and/or getting up a bit later, an extra 30 minutes seems to work

9 – PLAN FOR SLIPS: Visualize healthy choices in preparation for unplanned events. Choose one favorite appetizer then keep a drink and a napkin in hand to avoid temptation

10 – HYDRATE: Drink water – an obvious choice to prevent drinking calories. Water keeps you full helping to curtail calorie intake when consumed before meals

11 – ANYTHING BUT EXERCISE: Whether it’s “a scenic bike ride” or “a fun walk with friends”, positively renaming thesenecessary activities will result in healthier choices than thinking of them as “painful punishment” or even “exercise”

12 – FEEL GOOD LIST: Write down 10 favorite non-food ideas if you normally use food to feel better. Brewing a cup of tea or window shopping can boost your mood calorie-free

13 – LAZINESS – AN ADVANTAGE: If the food or treats are stored in high cabinets, layers of non-clear wrapping, the freezer or the garage, being lazy makes them less appealing

14 – HATE CHOPPING VEGETABLES: We all do. But in a weak moment, a bag of chips will get in the way if you don’t buy, clean, chop and pack veggies ahead in grab ‘n go portions

15 – CHEAP EATS: Eat just one more meal at home weekly. With money in the bank and an average of 300 fewer calories than restaurant meals, that new, smaller outfit is in reach


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