IC Friendly PIZZA?! YES!

April 3, 2013

Pizza is such a staple in American lifestyle — it’s served at so many gatherings, it’s quick and easy to order and almost all kids love it. Pizza is probably one of the hardest things to cut out of an IC Diet. No, we haven’t done a survey, but maybe we should. But there’s good news! Our dietitian, Elizabeth has found a great alternative to pizza sauce, which is the most irritating ingredient to IC patients in pizza. Check out the Roasted Red Pepper Pizza (and pasta) Sauce here.

Even better than just an alternative sauce recipe, Elizabeth found a great article in April 2013’s Health Magazine on Healthy and Fresh Pizzas. She altered each recipe to be IC Diet Friendly. A helpful hint when making one (or all!) of these healthy pizza recipes is to look for 100% whole-wheat dough in bags in the refrigerated section of your market or grocery store.


Red Potato and Rosemary Pizza

Roasted Red Pepper and Mozzarella (Ricotta) Pizza

Spinach and Cheese Pizza

Chicken Pizza

Roasted Asparagus, Artichoke and Fontina Pizza

Zucchini and Scallion Pizza

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