IC Friendly Herb and Spice Blend

February 20, 2013

A topic often brought up is that the IC Diet is so bland! For some, sticking to chicken and rice saves them from flares, but is BORINGGGG…. Try mixing up a batch of this IC Friendly Herb and Spice blend from our dietitian, Elizabeth. Shake on whatever you want and enjoy!


Mix the following in an empty spice container:

2 Tbsp dried basil

2 Tbsp dried oregano

2 Tbsp crushed thyme

2 Tbsp dried marjoram

1 Tbsp rosemary

1 Tbsp dried sage

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp coarse salt (optional)


(For those without IC — 1 tsp black pepper, tsp paprika and tsp dried mustard can be added).


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